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Things to read

News reports
The Guardian
Thursday 10 March 2011
Al-Jazeera, as endorsed by Hillary Clinton
Stephen Maher and Michael Corcoran
Hartford Advocate
March 22, 2011
Drive-By Media: Al Jazeera broadcasts creating little Connecticut controversy
Gregory B. Hladky

Published Articles

Arab Media & Society
Summer, 2011
Issue 13
The Debate Over Al Jazeera, English in Burlington, VT.
William Youmans
Electronic News
July 2009
3(3), 143-160
A Comparison of Broadcast World News Web Pages: Al Jazeera English, BBC, CBS, and CNN
Kenneth D. Loomis
International Studies

December 2005
7(4), 601–615
Hegemonic No More: Western Media, the Rise of Al-Jazeera, and the Influence of Diverse Voices
Philip Seib


Things to watch



Produced in 2004, Control Room documents the build up to the Iraq war and role of Al Jazeera and the media.(Wikipedia description

The official website: Noujaim Films – Control Room



Watch Al Jazeera and Al Jazeera English’s promotional video.


Listen as a consumer calls his local cable company to see if he can get Al Jazeera English in his cable package.


John Stewart and cast spoof Al Jazeera and Al Jazeera English. 

The Daily Show: December 13, 2006 Al Jazeera 2006

The Daily Show: November 16, 2006 Launched in Translation

Stephen Colbert interviews Al Jazeera English (formerly known as “Al Jazeera International”) correspondents. 

Colbert Report: January 31, 2006 David Maresh

Colbert Report: March 22, 2011 Ayman Mohyeldin

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