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  1. I just signed your petition to add Al Jazeera to Comcast lineup. As a Direct TV customer I would like to suggest that the petition not be limited to Comcast. Why not present it to all content providers?


  2. I just signed your petition to get Al Jezeera to Americans via cable TV, which came to me via Thank you for your campaign.

    Last January KCET, public TV for Los Angeles, dropped PBS, which has been a loss, but they picked up several international news broadcasts in English (Germany, France, BBC, NHK, RT, India, Pakistan, Al Jezeera, and more), which has been wonderful. I refuse to subscribe to any cable so I get only NBC, WB and the four channels of KCET.

    I can no longer watch the national news on NBC. It sickens me because it is so personality driven. I have nothing against Brian Williams but he is just a deliverer of the news and I am sure his fat salary and famous persona detract from quality news presentation.

    On Al Jezeera and the other foreign news programs I watch every day, the focus is on the news, not on a presenter. I’ve seen some wonderful human interest pieces and learned a great deal about world events from non-American perspectives (not to be necessarily interpreted as anti-American). Now I am very sensitized to the narrow viewpoint of American news broadcasts which I think corresponds most closely with the Russian news program, a shameless bit of anti-Western propaganda, in that the perspective is so narrow.

    I think having these news programs available to Americans could help rescue us from our insular positions and lead to more rational behavior. Thanks for your campaign. Wish I had $$ to contribute but I am retired, can’t see so well so working is out and living on the poverty level. Carry on!

    Diane Clement

  3. MSNBC is often spoken of as the conterpoint to FoxNews. But the latte is always on a cheaper calb esubscription plan than the former. They shoudl be on the same plan. Work for Access Equity!

  4. Very nice, i suggest Admin can set up a forum, so that we can talk and communicate.

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