We are a grassroots group that is working to raise awareness about the state of the journalism and media in the United States. We feel that to be well-rounded and well-informed citizens, Americans need and deserve to have access to high-quality local, national, and international news.

Our Mission: Improve quality and access
We believe that journalism and the media are at their best when they are responsive to the needs of the community and when there is diversity of opinion and perspective. To improve the quality of reporting Americans have access to, we aim to increase access to more news outlets.

Ultimately, we hope to raise Americans’ expectations about what they can and should expect from the news.

Our Methods: Campaign by campaign
We will be focusing on specific campaigns for particular news or media outlets. By focusing attention on specific examples of media that would enrich the public discourse, we aim to achieve specific goals while increasing general awareness.

Contact us:
General Email: info@rethinkpress.org


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