The History of Rethink Press

Rethink Press was established in February 2011 in response to a growing awareness that high-quality journalism at the local, national, and international level was getting harder and harder to find. As events unfolded during the Arab Uprising and the Wisconsin labor rallies, the early members of Rethink Press realized that something needed to be done. Without solid reporting on events, democracy and change could not flourish. The members began reaching out to other media activists groups and decided to take a slightly different approach to reach out and make affect communities. Rethink Press would take a campaign approach, highlighting one specific example of high-quality journalism or media and promoting it at a time.

Al Jazeera English (AJE) was the first campaign, chosen both for its importance during reporting of the Arab Uprising and its history of being maligned by previous U.S. administrations and of being kept off cable by media conglomerates. This campaign was is currently ongoing and is marked by events such as local Meet-ups, Call You Cable Company actions, and grassroots organizing and networking events.


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  1. I can agree with you but this is not always true… another thing: what would people do if I had 3 million dollars?

  2. this blog should be printed out and put on every school in town

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