About Us

We are a grassroots group that is working to raise awareness about the state of the journalism and media in the United States. We feel that to be well-rounded and well-informed citizens, Americans need and deserve to have access to high-quality local, national, and international news.

Meet the Organizers!

Xi Wang, Organizer (Washington, DC)

Xi Wang is interested in building communities that encourages participatory democracy. Having access to news that is comprehensive, factual, and incorporates multiple perspectives is key to helping people make informed decisions.

Xi has helped organize student and youth anti-war protests, DC Food Not Bombs, and a forum that promotes food justice in the capital. She is currently building community at a local farm that is working to increase food security and environmental sustainability.

Contact email: xi@rethinkpress.org



Michael D. Haack, Organizer (Washington, DC)

Michael Haack has been organizing campaigns for over 10 years. Among other victories, his work lead to a multi-billion dollar company ending ties with Burma’s military junta and American University recognizing ┬áits bus drivers’ right to form a union.

He likes Al Jazeera English because of its superb coverage of economic inequalities in the United States.

Contact email: mike@rethinkpress.org

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